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Summary Specifications

- 7.5x7.5m Structural Grid

- 1.5x1.5m Grid Module

- 3m Floor to Ceiling Height

- 1m Ceiling to Floor Height

- 3no. 13 Person Lifts

- Renewable Energy

- 1no. Goods Lift

- 5no. Female WCs per Floor

- 3no. Male WCs & 3no. Urinals per Floor

- 1no. Accessible WCs per Floor

- 155no. Car Parking Spaces

- Potential Roof Garden

-Potential Retail Space at Ground Level - ​936sqm/10075sqft


-Useable Office Space per Floors 1-3 - 1350sqm/14531sqft 

-Useable Office Space on Client Meeting

Floor - 936sqm/10075sqft 

-6:1 Useable Office Space to Circulation Space Ratio

Award Type

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national rating system for developing high-performance, developing high-performance, sustainable buildings, and emphasizes state-of-the-art “green” strategies in five areas:

•sustainable site development,

•water savings,

•energy efficiency,

•materials and resources selection,

•and indoor environmental quality.

Buildings can qualify for several different levels of certification under the LEED program. These levels of certification are granted by accumulating points:

•Certified level:-  40 – 49 points

•Silver level certification:-  50 – 59 points

•Gold level certification:-  60 – 79 points

•Platinum certification:-  80 points and above

Benefit of renting a LEED certified building

•Lower Operating Costs - a green, energy efficient building conserves energy, Leading to significant savings from the reduction of consumption costs

•Public Perception - Attracting tenants who are more conscious, of the ethical practices of business around them and environmental sustainability.

•Employee Health - a healthier environment for tenants, which leads to greater productivity


Net Internal Area

Welches Office, Barbados

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